Hello, this is fairly a simple task,

n my last article, we looked at the Paht Chee of chart for 2019 and did a forecast for each month based on the monthly pillars. Not only did we look at the elements, but we also looked at the effects of the animal signs of each month and how it affected the luck forecast for that specific month.

The article was quite popular and I received quite a number of emails requesting for a monthly forecast reading their Paht Chee chart. Although all our Paht Chee readings now includes this feature, for those who have had their charts read before, we will offer the annual update and monthly forecast. I also received quite a number of emails asking me for the lucky colors to wear for the year, which is what led to me writing this article.

So, how does one figure out what colors would be lucky for the year, as well as what colors would be lucky for each month? And then there is the question of what one’s personal lucky colors are based on one’s Paht Chee reading?

Well, the first thing you need to understand is that your personalized lucky colors based on your Paht Chee reading always takes first precedence, especially if the colors chosen represent missing elements in your chart.

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